Hung Viet Agricultural Products Joint Stock Company | HUNG VIET AGRICULTURAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY

Hung Viet Agricultural Products Joint Stock Company

Hung Viet Agricultural Products Joint Stock Company

Head office: Phuc Tan – Gia Tan – Gia Loc – Hai Duong

Tax code: 0800755634


Hotline: +84 2203.616.318

With an area of over 22,200m2, the factory has a large supply chain, along with a system of advanced equipment, modern. This is the first agricultural processing factory of Hai Duong completed all steps from production to consumption with the output of thousands of tons of vegetables and fruits per year.

With the modern conveyor system, storage and packaging line. The factory meets all the orders of supplying and processing agricultural products

To meet the demand for export of agricultural products, the company is building high-tech agricultural area with a size of 15 hectares in Gia Tan. The company invested 10 billion VND to build greenhouse, improve irrigation water and build drip irrigation system. Vegetables will be produced in a closed process from seed selection to caring, harvesting to meet VietGAP standards.

Hung Viet Agricultural JSC buys 800 tons of vegetables, fruits and fruits per day for collective kitchens and exports to Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia.

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