Fresh, Frozen Chilli

Call for Price

The chili is semi-processed to remove rubbish, stalks and rotten fruit, frozen at -40ºC to -30ºC and stored at -18ºC.

– Condition: no stem, intact, clean, no pest, damage, no pigment, no chemical substance. Able to withstand the physical impact when transporting in frozen conditions.

– Color: Natural red.

– Freezing process: IQF

– Size:

+ Small size: 3-5 cm

+ Medium size: 4 – 6cm

+ Large size: 7-9cm

– Taste: Naturally spicy.

– Humidity: 60 – 80%

– Shelf life: 2 years, stored at a temperature of -18ºC

– Quality: products meet export standards.

– Packing specifications of frozen chili products:

+ Air: packing 500g / bag X 20bao / carton, 1kg / bag – 2kg / bag or according to customer requirements.

+ Container (by Sea): packed 20kg / bag or according to customer requirements, about 20 tons / 40 feet container and transported by -18ºC refrigerated container.

Product Description

About equipment capacity:

With the largest frozen storage system in Vietnam, our company meets all the needs of frozen goods storage to ensure the temperature required by our customers at reasonable prices.

The entire system of cold storage warehouses is assembled with technical standards using modern technology to ensure the preservation of goods at the right temperature and food safety. Besides, the industrial refrigeration system NH3 ensures the system has a deep and fast cold.