Invitation letter for cooperation | HUNG VIET AGRICULTURAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY

Invitation letter for cooperation

Call for Price

Product Description

Production process:

Investment in raw material area -> Harvesting, Purchasing -> Classifying

Type 1: Export

Type 2: Supermarket, wholesale market

Type 3: Preprocessing for industrial kitchen

Type 4: Will be dried, squeezed, frozen

Therefore, we ensure that our products will be classifed accurately with the best sizes and prices in each category of products.

Fresh foods: Vegetables, fruits, etc.

Frozen food: meat, seafood, spring rolls

Vegetarian food, nutritious and dried food

Other food: Rice, eggs, spices, flavors, milk…

➸ Clean food, clear origin, diverse species

➸ Closed system, excellent food preservation

The factory meets all the strictest standards of food.